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Social Media

Your story, products and customers´needs are unique, so are our ideas. We create cool stuff for you.


We build your new website to communicate directly with your target market.

Sales & Marketing

We are ready to start business development and sales activities for your products in Switzerland immediatly.

IT & Data

We bring fresh thinking and a modern approach. We provide IT & Data management support.

SayJa is a new breed that combines creativity and strategy. We do cool stuff and help businesses to grow and drive strategic change.

A consultancy firm designed for tomorrow, integrating the full horizon of disciplines available is fundamental to deliver amazing results and solutions. 

We have a network of many fantastic people. We are a diverse and inclusive group of minds bringing lots of experience and disciplines to the party.

Providing amazing results and excellent service surpassing ordinary standards or expectations.

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We like to sprinkle that SayJa magic on everything we touch. Whether you’re looking for killer ad campaigns, high-converting sales funnels or slick design work, we got ya. Here’s a selection of our work. If you’d like to see more, get in touch.

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    We only have one goal in mind

    make you famous

    The thing i hate most is when it is I have to write something that i don’t write all, but w/e.In the end I actually do it and realize it.


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    Amazing Team

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    Founder & CEO


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    IT & Operations Manager


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    Sales & Marketing Manager



    390 Monthly
    • Kick-off meeting
    • Dedicated Junior Consultant
    • Bi-weekly meeting (0,5h)
    • Weekly production work (2h)


    1450 Monthly
    • Kick-off meeting
    • Dedicated Consultant
    • Weekly meeting (0,5h)
    • Weekly production work (10h)


    2600 Monthly
    • Kick-off meeting
    • Dedicated Consultant
    • Weekly meeting (0,5h)
    • Weekly production wrok (25h)


    65 Hourly
    • Kick-off meeting
    • Key Account Manager
    • bi-weekly meeting (0,5h)
    • Regular project upadtes

    Your brand deserves to be known.


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      8053 Zurich, Switzerland